Hokie Purser

Hokie Purser

Oh my goodness, they kids are so excited and everyday my daughter asks “is it a dream or did we really get a puppy?” The ride home from your home was awesome, he slept the entire way. My hubby and I played him out until right before the kids got home and we put him in his crate and he crashed. We covered the crate partially with a box and when the kids pulled the box off they all screamed “it’s a puppy!” I couldn’t have planned it better.

He seems to have adjusted to all the love he is getting. We are working on the potty training but he seems to be catching on rather well! No issues so far. I am going to call the vet in the morning to schedule his appointment for his shots, too!

The photo was snapped tonight…not great of the boys but you can just see all the love in my daughters eyes as she is looking at him…so sweet!

Thank you again for everything! I will continue to keep you posted and send a better picture soon!!!


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