Sophia’s Winter 2014 Litter

This boy is going to the Scurria family from NC. His name is Tucker. They just love his unique patches of black and white. The family owns a Pierce Schnoodle Winnie that is 10.5 years old. The family loves to play outside, walks, biking and running. Tucker will enjoy the activity.

This boy is going to the Brandon family from Texas and will be named Bilbo. The family of 4 teenagers will love the time and attention to give this little fella. They love to read, travel, board games and music. What fun for this pup!

One of Sophia’s parti boys is going to the Carr family in VA. His name is Ender Weasley (book related name). He will be the first baby in the house and great practice for future little humans. Family fun is board games, movies, being outside and volunteer work. This little guy will enjoy being part of the family.

The girl is the newest addition to the Case family in NC, her name is Chrissy. The case family knows two other families that own Pierce Schnoodles – Milo & Zooey. So they will get to play together. How great it that! The Case family loves to walk and other activities. This little girl will be the baby of the family and will not lack for attention and love!

All the pups (Sophia’s schnoodles and Sasha’s schnauzers) are together now in the kennel playpen. Loving the space, lots of food and more freedom. Having a great time.

Sophia (Tuxedo is the father) had her babies on November 23rd – just in time to be thankful for sweet baby pup! There are 3 boys 1 girl. The families are being notified. But, if you are interested please email Renee directly.


  1. Hi, could you please let me know if you still have female for sale? And what is the adoption fee? What size is the mother and father? Wevare looking for wery small dog. Thank you very much.

    • We do not have mini schnoodles available at this time. Next mothers will breed in February and March. An application must be received to get on a litter list.

    • Do not know if you ever received a supply. All these pups are sold.
      I need an application to get on the waiting list for our pups.

  2. Gail Sides says:

    What colors and sizes do you expect in your next litters of mini-schnoodles? Thank you.

    • Spring litters are Penny, Jolie & Sophia. Penny and Jolies’ pups will be darker but not necessarily black, mostly several colorings (I call brindle). Sophia of course, are pure parti’s only.


  3. JoyDevost says:

    I submitted an application in December but have not heard back. Can you confirm you received it. My name is Joy Devost and it is for the wait list on the next litter of mini schnoodles. Thank You.

    Joy Devost

    • Joy, I think I responded to you directly. I have your application and I am working on those.

      Thanks. Sorry for delay.

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