Delilah’s January 2015 Litter

This is blue collar; Beaumont Gillespie-Rogers from NC. The family is an empty nester so a new black beauty pup like this guy is the ticket! They love walking, camping and visits to local places. This guy will go right along.

This is the Sexton pup, his name is Bob. He will be making his forever home in SC. The family of 5 loves family activities of all kinds. Long walks, park visits and evenings at home will all satisfy this little guy. (Not little for long).

This is the Browning pup (Lola) who will reside in MD as her forever home. This little girl is calm, sweet and very gentle. The family are now empty nesters so this little girl will be the new baby in the house. They love outdoor activities, fishing, swimming and water activities. She will love to learn to do all that with them.

Meet Kassel Johnson. This little girl will make her way to TX as her forever home. Kassel is very smart. Inquisitive and very friendly. The first to come visit with anyone. The family loves outdoor activities, water whenever possible. Biking too. Kassel will enjoy the activity and attention.

Meet Molly Crumbaugh. Her forever home will be here in NC. Maybe we will get to see her from time to time! New family is retired with lots of time for love and attention and activity. Walking, gardening, beekeeping, reading – Molly will learn it all and be right there with them.

They LOVE the snow!!

Delilah’s due date was 1/6/2015. She went into labor on the 4th and I stayed with her all day. No pups, no action. Then in the afternoon seemed to be making progress. At 5 pm we called the Vet, she made a house call. We went to the office and did x-rays. We saw pups but no one was moving to the exit! So after much conversation, we went to the emergency clinic. Delilah and I spent the night on the floor.

We got 2 pups to deliver naturally with shots and then Delilah was exhausted, we made the decision to do an emergency C section; we got 4 more pups, but unfortunately 1 was still born. (5 living total.)

During C section she had internal bleeding that would not stop and she almost died twice and the surgeon had to do an emergency spay to save her life. She is such a trooper. Her and I went through it together! She spent the night at the hospital.

Bill and I brought home the 5 pups and bottle fed every 3 hours until we were able to bring her home the next night at 8 pm. She rallied when she saw her pups and had milk for them. I was so grateful for that. It was my biggest concern next to losing her.

It took her about 3 days to start to recover. She has done excellent, the pups are very well and growing. It is sad that she will not have any more babies, but we are grateful for the ones she produced and her life with us.

Of course, they are all adopted. I have a waiting list with deposits on the giants. All of the families on the list, getting and not getting puppies have been informed.

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