Elle Hanna Update

Her name is Eleanor “Elle” Hanna and she now weighs about 32lbs.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family and although it took Winston (9 year old mini-schnauzer) and Estella (13 year old orange tabby) a month or so to get used to her, they now love playing in the yard and napping […]

Beaumont Gillespie/Rogers Update

Beaumont Gillespie/Rogers recently boarded with us (Giant Schnoodle from Delilah’s last litter – 4 mos old). He received a groom while he boarded. He needed to get rid of that puppy hair and trim down for the summer. He was pretty tolerant of the table time and bath. He looks so handsome!

Beaumont Gillespie-Rogers Update

This is Beaumont Gillespie from Delilah’s last litter. He is such a handsome boy. He is with their Vet which is also the partner of Pierce Schnoodles’ vet. A great day at the Vet office!

Snow Giants

Post by Pierce Schnoodles.

Delilah’s January 2015 Litter

This is blue collar; Beaumont Gillespie-Rogers from NC. The family is an empty nester so a new black beauty pup like this guy is the ticket! They love walking, camping and visits to local places. This guy will go right along. This is the Sexton pup, his name is Bob. He will be making his […]

Delilah’s Winter 2014 Litter

Delilah had 7 black beauties on New Year’s Eve.  4 girls 3 boys! Apply today to adopt one of the giant schnoodle puppies! ALL HAVE BEEN ADOPTED – thank you! The Brett family in AZ adopted this sweet boy, we named him Caleb. The family loves outdoor & family time. He’s going to be well […]

Moose Lord

Moose enjoying the snow and growing up like a superstar! Moose is a year old.  He is from Delilah’s first litter of giants.

Delilah’s Summer 2013 litter

A N N O U N C E M E N T :: Delilah had 8 beautiful giant schnoodle babies.  2 girls – 6 boys! Here are the fabulous 4 hanging out with their mom Delilah. A D O P T E D :: Please check our Facebook page for going home pictures. We are […]

The Giants went to the groomers

Our resident giant schnoodle parents went to the groomers and came home camera ready! Take a peek at Sampson & Delilah…

Toto Legge

We love our new pup!  We have changed his name to “Toto”.  He and Ike are getting along great!  They love to play together and their personalities are so alike! You were right about “Toto” not liking to go into his crate.  He slept about 2 hours the first night here, and about 4 hours […]