Naomi’s May 2016 Litter

This is the Tysinger-Furhmann pup named Charley.  His forever home is in NC. He is so handsome! They have a family that has lots of doggies, now they have their own. They like to walk, hike, run, moving and family friend time. Charlie will love all that .

Mhysha Shiben is going home to SC as her forever home.  She will be joining her sister, Tucker who is also a schnoodle. The family loves to walk by the river and lots of back yard time!  She will love all the attention.

This is Klara Taylor. She will be living in VA as her forever home. With no kids or pets she will get all the attention. They love to go for walks and travel. She will be right there with them.

This is Chloe Pearson and her forever home is also in VA. Her new little master is way too excited to get His new puppy. Sports are a favorite and walking around the neighborhood. This little girl will enjoy all Of that time together.

This is Pumpkin Weigel. She will be traveling up to NY with her new family as her forever home. The Weigel family had a Pierce Schnoodle who recently passed at 13 and Pumpkin will be the new Schnoodle in the family.  Kids are grown and with no other pets she will be the center of attention. They love to play, snuggle, read, walk and family visits.  She will get to go whenever possible. She will have a special life with the Weigel family.

This is Charlie Nunn and his forever home will be here in NC. With no kids or pets this little guy will be the ‘new furbaby’.  They love home time and going  to the beach so this Little guy will love that!

Ronan Kennihan adopts. He went to PA as his forever home. With kids grown and mom and Dad retired he will get all the love and attention. They love to garden, walk and work in the workshop. He will be Right there for all the fun time.

Norville is going to become a member of the Avitable family in NC. They have a young master Who will be his best buddy. They love to play outside, walk in the neighborhood and go to The beach. This guy will love being part of the family.

Naomi had 8 babies on May 4th, 2016!! A record for a first litter! She had them all in 1.5 hours, no issues, and she is being a great mom!



  1. susan kennihan says:

    Ronan has been home for 2 days…what an adorable little guy! It’s obvious he has had a great start in life from you!…not one accident….we take him out…he goes. Already knows his name and comes when he’s called…..he’s perfect!

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