Abby’s November 2016 Litter

Maya Biscuit Steele. She was white collar.

Ella Pelter. red collar pup – Female.

Peaches Campbell – Abby’s Orange collar.

Asher Holloway. He was orange collar of Abby’s pups.

Newton Hansen. He is Abby’s blue collar boy.

This is pink collar Abby’s pup, Nora Marzakis.

Abby’s Yellow collar girl, Luna Cotter.

Abby had 7 beautiful babies! Ok so you cleaned up our playpen – can we now mess it up again?


  1. Denise Kish says:


    We have Lexi who is 13 and a black schnoodle. We love her very much. We just moved to South Carolina and were thinking about bringing a second schnoodle into our home. Lexie is about 25 pounds and we are looking for one that is like her. She is more schanuzer looking that poodle. Please advise cost and whether dogs grow to about the same as Lexie. Thanks

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