Leah’s November 2016 Litter

This is the Mancine pup that will make her new home in SC, her name is Callie. The kids 3 girls and a boy will really love this little girl! They love to play in the yard, swim, read, craft and music. Sounds like a lot of fun for this little fur baby!

This is the little boy from Leah’s litter, name Cosmos that Will become the new member of the Wasudev family in NC. They have been to visit their pup and the 2 kids are ready to take him home! The like to walk, hike, tennis & golf. This little fella will be happy to join in!

This is Leah’s pup going home with the McGuire family in NC, her name is Rosie. They came for a visit the other day. This little girl is the new baby in the house.  They love to walk, yoga and lots of sports.  They already love their puppy!

The Hasty family visiting the pup, Sergeant Chewbacca.  His new home Is in VA.  He is the new pup in the house with all kids gone.  They love to walk, exercise and be with the kids and grandkids.  This little guy will enjoy it all!

Sophia &  Leah’s pups hanging out in playpen. Outside play time for Sophia & Leah’s pups. Getting close to going home!  They love freedom and room to roam! Leah and Sophia’s pups in the play pen. Checking out yummy mush! Can you find the puppies among the toys? Pups having outside the box time in the living room. Leah & Sophia’s pups have migrated to the play pen set up on our sun porch. They get a bath when moved, so they loved getting cleaned up and are getting used to new found freedom! Pics of bath time.

Leah had 4 babies on 11/11 1 black boy and 3 cream/apricots (1 boy 2 girls) they are growing fast!  Just opening eyes.  They are so sweet! Leah is being a great mom.


  1. Britt Koester says:

    Pups are precious!!

  2. So sweet!

  3. Jon H. Arvik says:

    Your voicemail is full, so I couldn’t leave the message I promised to you last week. We are looking for a male mini-Schnoodle for our 11-year old grandson, and need to know the process we should follow to adopt one. Thanks…

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