Raquel’s February 2017 Litter

As the pups grow the fur, colorings, personalities have all begun to show.  These pups are truly exceptional and the camera does not do them justice.  Their fur is thick and soft and you just can’t capture that with the camera.  Just beautiful pups!!


This super handsome boy of Syrah’s is the Anderson pup, named Moose. The Anderson family lives in NC and is the first ‘kid’ in the house. The family loves the beach, swimming, hiking and lots of cuddling time. This fella will join right in. Black with white hearts collar. He is medium size, and a solid black boy. Beautiful thick black fur! Just a sweetie!

This is the Humphries family puppy, his name is Boomer. He is a big male pup. Beautiful brindle brown fur. He is Orange Hearts Collar. The Humphries family has been waiting a long time for a Pierce Giant Schnoodle Pup! They live in NC and are a family of 5 so this pup will get lots of time and attention. The family loves to be together outdoors, sports, camping and playing. This fella will love it all!

This is Mazie MeltonGREEN HEARTS COLLAR. She is a small girl/white tip on chin. Beautiful blaze and white tipped feet.  Just a sweetie! Great temperament.

Tinker Martin. Raquel Male he is LIGHT BLUE HEARTS COLLAR. He is brown with black tipped hair. White tipped chin/neck and small blaze. Just gorgeous pup!!

This is red hearts collar of Raquel’s and Renee’s fav! He is so loving and gentle. Always coming over for a hug and a pet. Likes to hang out and be close by.

This is PURPLE HEARTS COLLAR. Medium to large female.  Brown with black tips. Great markings on face around eyes (salt/pepper like mom) Tiny white blaze. Just a beautiful girl!

Raquel baby girl! Small female, very sweet.  Black with white tip on nose/chin/neck/chest. Rear white tipped feet.  Just a little doll pup!

This is YELLOW HEARTS COLLAR.  She is a BIG girl.  Beautiful brown fur with black tips. White tipped chin.  Excellent temperament.

This is DARK BLUE Hearts Collar He is a Big black boy.  Black body with brown/brindle head and markings. Excellet fur.  Love his personality!

This is Raquel male pup. He is BROWN HEARTS COLLAR. He is a brown brindle color – great highlights on his fur!! Just so handsome!!

The girls.

The boys.

Raquel and her new babies!!  10 gorgeous giant schnoodles! She is a great mom! Raquel with her big hot belly resting, Zechariah found a comfy warm spot against her!  So cute!


  1. Carol Dennis says:

    I am looking for a schnoodle that will be about 45 lbs full grown. What will be the size of Raquels puppies? How many males and females? Price? How can I talk to someone? Phone?

  2. Katie Warmath says:

    Do you have any puppies available now?

  3. Grace Cannizzaro says:

    My family and I would be interested in a male black giant schnoodle. Are there any available from the 2/2017 litter or an upcoming litter?

  4. Christie G. says:


    I am blown away by our first 36 hours with our new Giant Schnoodle, Shakespeare. Blown away! He is fantastic and so very smart. Some of our highlights:

    – By 3.5 hours into our car trip home yesterday, he was looking up when his name was called and responding to it more often than not.

    – The entire car trip (12:45 pm – 10:30 pm with three stops for the humans and the pup), Shakespeare sat or slept quietly in a kid’s lap or curled at my feet. He did not make a peep, but was utterly content.

    – He went potty on command at all three stops!!! At our 3rd stop, we fed him and he gobbled his dinner and promptly pooped a few minutes later. There were NO accidents in the truck or at my house the first night. He had two pee accidents today, but honestly, he’s doing astronomically better than I ever dreamed a ten week old puppy could do!

    – He ran around chasing the kids playfully at the stops on the drive, but wasn’t pushy. Today, he engaged the same way – playful or “snuggly”, yet mannerly.

    – He met our old dog, Sophia, and they instantly hit it off. Sophia slept by his crate to comfort him. She also helps herd him to the door for potty break.

    – He isn’t crazy about the crate just yet, but he cries less each time he goes in.

    Thank you so much for letting us come last minute yesterday. Shakespeare will be well loved here by all of our family and friends!


    Christie G. for all of us


    We could have chosen any of the three available puppies and been pleased. Your kennel and breeding operation are top notch and your Giant Schnoodles are amazing doggies!

  5. Kelly Durrer says:

    Will you be having any puppies in the June/July time frame? We are looking for a Giant Schnoodle!

  6. Lisa Byrom says:

    Do you have pups that would be @20lbs?

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