Syrah’s February 2017 Litter

As the pups grow the fur, colorings, personalities have all begun to show.  These pups are truly exceptional and the camera does not do them justice.  Their fur is thick and soft and you just can’t capture that with the camera.  Just beautiful pups!!


Hershey is sold to the Johnson Family in VA. His new name is Guiness. Male, black with dark chocolate undercoat. Renee decided to groom the puppy fluff off and he has a neat dark chocolate highlights on his coat. Can’t tell in photos. He is in the house with us, being crate trained (sleeping all night already!); working on potty and outside time. Knows how to sit and is just a love! A cute, loving boy! Solid green collar male.

This is Female Tan Solid Collar of Syrah’s. She is just lovely! Very sweet and loving, playful and gentle.

This is awesome little orange collar female of Syrah’s. She is playful, loves to run and chase the empty water bottle, would be great with kids. Very attentive!

This is Syrah’s boy , he is Solid DARK BLUE collar. He is a large male, basically black.

This is the Brigham pup (Ms. Tail) She is just beautiful. Her name is Kailani. The family lives in GA.  With all the kids grown this girl will get all the time and attention and get to go to the cabin to run free.  The family loves to hike, swim and garden.  She will be a great addition to the family.

This is a Syrah girl solid YELLOW collar. She is one of my favorites. She has different fur, feels like a teddy bear.  Her face is more rounded and is just too cute.  She is super loving and has super soft fur!

This is solid pink collar. She is the runt (smallest of all pups). Just a little doll! She is solid black but appears to have a dark brown hue On her coat. She has a white chin and a small white blaze. A little sweetie!!

This is solid PURPLE collar. Syrah’s boy.  He is considered a small to medium size.  He is a beautiful brindle color with a white blaze. Just a little charmer!

This is Solid LIGHT BLUE collar. He is shiny black with a tiny white blaze on his chest. He is a medium size pup. He is very gentle and sweet!

This is Solid GREY collar and one of Renee’s favorites! He is black but has a brindle color on his head. Appears to have a brindle undercoat. He is a beauty and has an awesome temperament to match!

The girls.

The boys.

Syrah and her 11 beautiful new babies!  They are just lovely! They were born Friday 2/3 into early morning 2/4. It was a long night for Renee & Bill. All are doing great!


  1. Michele Mullenix says:

    Everyone looks happy and healthy
    We are counting down the days till we can pick up our boy!

  2. Gussie Marshallsea says:

    So very excited to hear. Can’t wait to meet our new puppy.
    Happy to hear all is well.
    Cheers! Gussie

  3. Carol Dennis says:

    How many boys? girls? And how big are the mama and papa- shoulder heights and weight. Thanks

  4. Dana Nunaihed says:

    Congratulations to, Syrah & Raquel on the birth of their beautiful pups. Counting down the days until we pick up our jet black male giant Schnoodle. Our family is super excited.
    Great job Reene & Bill. For all the dedication time and love that you put into your passion of breeding such beautiful dogs.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you, Dana Nunaihed.

  5. Julie Sande says:

    So excited to hear the news! Can’t wait for our new addition!

    Julie Sande

  6. Congrats on all the color variation! Sweet pups!

  7. Laura-Beth Louthan says:

    They are precious!!! We can’t wait to hear about our new addition to our family!!!

    • Laura-Beth Louthan says:

      We look at the pictures daily–they are precious!! Can’t wait to meet our sweet girl–Stella!!

      • Laura- Beth says:

        I mailed a giraffe stuffed animal that our kids picked out for Stella. We all took turns sleeping with it! Cant wait to see pictures of her

  8. Jeannie Hannemann says:

    Are there any males not spoken for yet?

    • I have not gotten to the point of figuring that out quite yet, but will soon!
      We have 5 available and we have 12 boys total so likely a male would be available.
      An application and then the deposit is required to secure one, please act quickly
      if you want a baby!

  9. Beate Brigham says:

    We’re looking forward to picking up our girl pup with a tail 🙂

  10. I am so excited. We are so looking forward to bring our new girl home! We were out of town so missed the earlier announcement.

  11. Matt Arend says:

    Bless and I can’t wait to meet our new family member!
    When are we able to visit?

  12. Andrew Humphries says:

    We can’t wait!!! The kids say the days are going by slower now that they are born.

  13. Yes, ma’am I’m looking for a black male Schnoodle with the tail still intact do you have any available?

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