Hannah’s April 2017 Litter

Clyde Kaufman – He will live in NC as his forever home. He is tagged light blue hearts collar. He will have another doggie to play with and a cat too! The family likes to stay home, cook and relax. This pup will love to hang out.

Cosmo Nunaihed – He is tagged as Red Hearts Collar. He will live in NJ as his forever home. This guy will have several play mates much smaller in size when he is grown! One boy will call him his buddy. The family enjoys walking, spending time with their Pets, the beach and park. Cosmo will love all the excitement.

Boy 3 – The guy is one of the small babies in this litter. He will live in SC as his forever home with the Hammond family. He is tagged as Black Hearts Collar. With children grown this guy will become the new baby. The love to go to the beach, ride on the golf cart, walks and do puppy get togethers. He will enjoy all that and all the attention.

Sam PonderGreen Hearts Collar.  Super laid back and just a love.  The Ponder family loves outside sports and riding in the golf cart visiting neighbors and lives in Mississippi. Sam will love that!

Raven Wyatt – This is brown hearts collar. She is a big girl!! Very calm, sweet and loving! She will be living in TN as her forever home with the Wyatt family. They love to walk, play together and hang out as a family. She will fit right in.

Pippa Pender – This beautiful little girl is the new pup for the Pender family in NC. She is very sweet and just a doll puppy! The family enjoys soccer, running and hiking, the beach and mountains.  She will be glad to tag along on all the adventures.

Bella Wagner – This is Grey Hearts Collar. This little girl is the newest member of the Wagner family in MD. Being an only pet and no kids she will get all the attention and love it I am sure! The family likes to hike and be outside and go to parks and hike the trails. She will go right along with the adventure.

Carioca Quintela – This girl is large and just a sweet doll! She will be the 2nd giant Schnoodle in the house and I am sure they will be buddies in no time! The family likes to hike, go to pet friendly areas and spend time at home.

Hannah (with Sam) had 9 giant babies April 14th, Good Friday! All her pups are sold – thank you!

Hannah’s pups are growing. They are now weaned and done with that yummy mush and just playing and eating the hard kibble.  They are doing great!  They are very calm, sweet pups. Just want to be held and hang out in the shade!

Hannah’s babies. Growing up! Fat and chunky!


  1. Ed Wyatt says:

    They are cuties.

  2. Chanelle says:

    If you will have any giant schnoodles available first week of July … Any color any gender…I’ll take that as a sign that we are meant to be.

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