Katie Jolie Bradley Update


Thought you would enjoy seeing how nice little Katie looks after she had her first “official” puppy grooming today.

They washed, did a little clipping, and brushed her with a wire brush….plus adding the scarf! She is a real beauty!

Katie is three months old and such a fun little girl. I thank you and Jolie every day for her.

(love how her “racing stripe” still shows up!)


  1. Gabby Ebner says:

    Hello Sister! I’m enjoying my summer travels. How about you? I’ve been to the beach and much prefer digging a hole and cooling off in it rather than touching the ocean water. Do you like water? I also LOVE car rides with my family! My favorite thing to do is stick my nose out and smell all the fresh air. I’m excited for my first airplane ride to MN where I will be playing in the woods and meeting more family. Oh! My mom buzzed my hair off to keep me cool in these hot summer days, but my eyelashes still look stunning!

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