Abby’s July 2017 Litter

1. This little girl is Ginger, called Gigi and is going home to the Spencer family in NC. She is Pink Hearts Collar of Abby’s. She will get all the attention she can handle! The family loves family and friend time, walking and just hanging out. Little Gigi will keep the family busy and having fun!

2. This is Riley, the new puppy to the Goodman family in NC. She is the ‘kid replacer’ as they are now off to college! This little one will be at home with Dad and join him in watching sports, playing and coaching too. She will be the hit of the ball park. They enjoy family time, walking/camping and movie and game nights. She will be right in the middle of all of the fun and totally. Love it. Red Hearts Collar.

3. This is Bolt the new addition to the Tuttle family in NC. His new young master is very excited about his new puppy! They spend a lot of time in the neighborhood and community, local parks and bike rides. This little guy will enjoy all the activity and fun! Brown hearts collar.

4. This is an Abby male puppy – Black Hearts Collar. Meet Butterscotch called Buddy Kaban. Buddy will make his forever home in NYC. Renee & Bill are delivering him soon. He is now the only Abby pup left and is hanging with Isaac and the other doggies and loving it all! The Kaban family in NYC is close to the park so they will get to go their
Often with Buddy. Going to the country on the weekend and spending time at the lake Buddy will love all of that!

5. This is Yadi Rasussen going home with his new family in NC. He is Navy Hearts Collar. He will get to stay at home with working dad. The family loves to bike, hike, run, swim, the beach and TV. Yadi will love the attention. They have been looking forward to their new addition for 2 years! Now it is a reality.

6. Abby’s Green Hearts Collar (male) goes home with the Johnston family of NC. His name is Kylo and his new little master is very excited about her new puppy! The family loves to go for walks, trips to the beach and snuggling on the couch for movies. Kylo will join right in for all the fun.

7. This is the new puppy for the Burkhardt family in NC. Her name is Daisy! A typical day will be hanging with mom and son doing chores but the family loves outdoor time, walks, going to the park, camping and gardening. This little girl will love all the time and attention and be a great companion. Orange Hearts Collar.

8. This is Abby’s light blue collar little boy. His name is Diggy and he is the new member of the Wise family in SC. They are all excited about the new addition of a fur baby to the family. They love to go to the beach, play t-ball and travel. This little guy is sweet and loving and will be a great family pet for the Wise family.

Play time!

Here are current (August 6th) pics of Abby’s puppies. They are in a play pen now and have a crate, Abby can come and go. They are figuring out what mush is – YUM! Growing, moving around and finding their voices!

Abby’s babies! 8 beauties. Born 7/10. 5 boys 3 girls. All are doing great!


  1. Diane crespo says:

    We are interested in purchasing a schnoodle tan in color weighing up to 30 lbs we live in Connecticut and wondering if you would ship them? We lost our schnoodle way to early to lung cancer and we miss him every day and would love to find a new puppy to bring home

  2. Betsy Shonka says:

    We are interested in a tan Schneider puppy. Are there any puppies still available from this litter? We want a puppy that will not be more than 40 pounds full grown.

    Thank you so much,

    Betsy Shonka

  3. Lisa Wells says:

    I just filled out my application a couple days ago. Are there any females available from this litter? If so, what is the pricing? Thank you.

  4. Jennifer Brown says:

    Hello, Are any of Abby’s pups still available for adoption? Thank you.

  5. We had our little Sassy two months short of 19 years and lost her to kidney failure. She was the joy of our lives and our hearts are broken. She was a mini snoodle.

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