Princess’s November 2017 Litter

This precious little girl is Princess baby! Her name is Spree and she has gone to her forever home with the Jackson family in VA. She has 2 human young ladies and a small pup named Skittles as her doggie sister. She is just a beautiful girl! The Jackson family loves family trips and vacationing with family too. This little girl will love the attention.

Meet the newest member of the Pierce Schnoodle/Sweeley family! This is Teddy! He is the male pup of Princess. Being the last pup mama Princess will have, he just stole our hearts. He is a real love, buddy and just a doll! He is hanging with the gang, LOVES to play with his mom Princess and go outside and run. Watch him grow with us!

Once again Princess is due and Renee will not leave her at home – we’re off to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the motor home. Princess is going to start thinking that all doggies have babies in the motor home! She is fat and happy! We moved princess pups to living room as just 2 and easy to clean. They are enjoying the noise and Christmas spirit and decorations. Mama is close by. They are starting to move now! Just way too adorable. Have discovered mush yum! Renee and bills grand nieces loving on puppies!


  1. Would love to learn about you upcoming littler. We’re looking to adopt a second schnoodle 😉

    Many thanks,

  2. I would love to learn more about this upcoming litter. I am looking to adopt a puppy.

    Many Thanks!


  3. april atkinson says:

    interested in a puppy, please email me! thank you! 🙂

  4. We just lost our mini schnauzer on Thanksgiving to cancer. We’d love to find out about this litter that Princess had in November. Are any pups left? What do they look like? When will they be available (assuming January). All the details.


  5. Jackie Hickey says:


    I have been reaching out to you regarding your wonderful schnoodle…..please call me. I have had two schnoodles and love them.


  6. My beloved schnoodle passed in June. I have been looking ever since. I would love information on your new puppies!

  7. Pamela Matthews says:

    We’re looking to adopt a Schnoodle puppy before Christmas or soon thereafter. Will you have any available?

    • No we did not have Christmas pups this year.
      Check out our 2018 mini schnoodle breeding
      calendar, submit an application for review and
      with a deposit get on an upcoming litter list.

  8. We are looking to welcome a Schnoodle into our family. Please contact me at your convenience so we can learn more about your puppies.


    • Best contact is email directly.
      But our 2018 mini schnoodle calendar is posted.
      Check it out and submit an application for approval
      and then the deposit gets you on a litter list.

  9. Shannon Chambers says:

    I would like to get information about this litter. My Rusty died last November, I am ready to love another dog now.

    • No pups available from this litter.
      Check out our 2018 litter list calendar that
      is posted.
      Also, we have a mini poodle and mini schnauzer
      Email me directly with any questions.
      Thank you!

  10. Anita Helton says:

    I would like prices on small schnoode. Lost my dog recently to cancer

    • I am so sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is to lose
      a pet.
      Our prices are on the website under mini schnoodles application
      Our 2018 breeding calendar is posted, so see what timing works
      for you to get a new pup.
      I need an application to review and approve and then the deposit
      places you on a litter list for a new baby.
      Thank you!

  11. Jimmie Stroud Stroud says:

    Do you have puppies available?

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