Teddy Hillelson Update

This is Teddy (was Bubba) that is the son of Princess that we kept for awhile. He is the new ‘child’ of the Hillelson family in VA. He has adapted, is totally spoiled and is just a sweet boy! He is loving his new home and family. He went to live with his forever home in May 2018.

Princess Retires

Princess goes home to her forever home with the Hager family in NC. They have 2 older mini schnauzers so now they have a set of triplets. Once adjusted, Princess will love all the time and attention. The name Pierce and Pierce Schnoodles is in common in the family – so she was the one they wanted! Princess is […]

Princess’s November 2017 Litter

This precious little girl is Princess baby! Her name is Spree and she has gone to her forever home with the Jackson family in VA. She has 2 human young ladies and a small pup named Skittles as her doggie sister. She is just a beautiful girl! The Jackson family loves family trips and vacationing with family too. This little girl […]

Princess’s February 2017 Litter

This is Parker Pramstaller, Princess male pup! He is so handsome. The Pramstaller family lives in VA and have been waiting until the time is right to get a puppy. His new young master is counting the days until he comes home. They love to be outside, swimming and biking and just being together. This little fella with fit […]