Naomi’s November 2017 Litter

Green collar male on dark green puppy throw. He is nice size boy black in color.

Red collar on joy throw. Small in size. Nice white blaze on chest.

Male puppy blue collar on blue snowman throw. Small white blaze tiny white on chin.

Purple collar female. White blaze on chest. Touch of white on chin. Little white tip on one front paw.

White collar Female. Nice large white blaze on chest.

On red throw with pink bed. She is yellow collar. She is small pup. Black with a spec of white on chin.

Female orange collar. Small female pup, she has a nice white blaze on her chest, a little white on chin.

This is the female pup that will be going to the Christian family in NC. She has a tail. She is pink collar. Her young master is looking forward to her coming home soon! They enjoy family time and this little girl will be one of the members soon!

Renee and Bill’s grand nieces loving on puppies!


  1. Jenny Esser says:

    Do you have any puppies available? Thanks…adorbs!

  2. Sandy Oleksa says:

    Your grand nieces and the puppies are both adorable.
    Can’t wait to get our baby girl!

  3. Christina Izokovic says:

    Do you have any puppies available?

  4. Lindsay Aruskevicius says:

    Just following up to an application I submitted online. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  5. Jessica Mills says:

    Are these available still?

  6. Do you have any miniature snoodles for sale? Prefer black male.

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