Jolie’s January 2018 Litter

This is the black girl of Jolie’s litter going to the Avery family in NC, her name is Clover. The kids are very excited about getting their own puppy. Cousins in Texas have a schnoodle so they know they love the schnoodle breed! The family love to play outside, shooting hopes and hanging with friends and neighbors. This little girl will love it all!

This is Jolie’s parti female!  She will be going home with the Purser family in NC, her name is Maize Moo. This family has been waiting a long time for Pierce Schnoodle! This is their 2nd one! So Hokie is going to have a sister! The kids are very excited about the new puppy! They enjoy outside activities and being around the house.

This is the little guy (runt of litter) is parti from his daddy and personality plus! He is going to the Setash family in VA, his name is Schatzi. They are very excited and preparing already for this little guy. He will get all the attention since the kids are grown. The family likes to walk/hike and do things with the dog – so he will be in the puppy pocketbook and get to go every where!

This is the black boy of Jolie’s litter.  He is going to the Krejci family in GA, his name is Scout.  2 boys are looking forward to a new puppy and the pup will also join a teacup Yorkie name Sophie.  Sounds like a fun household! The family loves to be outside, beach, boating and hanging around the pool. This little guy will love all the fun and attention!

Jolie had her litter of super coated schnoodles with Zach the daddy on January 27th. These pups are being placed. 4 pups – 2 girls 2 boys. 2 parti’s (compliments of dad) and 2 dark pups which should start showing colorings from mom soon. Parti girl on pink blanket, I am holding the little parti boy he is marked with black on the top half of him and whole underside of body is parti – very unique – not seen that before and very cool! The other 2 dark ones (1 male 1 female). When we went to the Vet for tails and dew claw removal they stayed at the office with mom Renee and rested and enjoyed the time!  Jolie is an excellent mom, very protective, loving and nurturing to her chubby little babies!


  1. Barbara J Paulson says:

    Do you still have an older puppy? I am looking for a female mini schnoodle. I just lost my 15 yr jack Russell and live in a condo.
    Thank you

  2. I am very impressed with your puppies.

  3. I’m very very impressed with your puppies. I would like to adopted one female for a companion. She would be so spoiled rotten and I have a vet for her and I’m not a breeder. I live all alone and I would love a companion and I also have a Drs note to have a companion bc I have manic bipolar depression and anxiety. So my Dr wants me to have a companion and I really really would like to adopt a mini schnoodle.

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