Naomi’s June 2018 Litter

This is green collar/male pup of Naomi’s. So handsome! Just a sweet boy!

This is navy blue collar, male of Naomi’s pups. He is the largest, very calm, sweet and lovable.

This is Light Blue Collar Male.  He is very sweet cute little guy!  He has a small white blaze on his chest.

This is Red Collar Male.  He is very cute!  He has a great white tipped front paw to make his unique.  He has a few white hairs on his chest.  Sweet baby boy!

This is Tan Collar Male.  He is very sweet seems quite calm. He has a sprinkle of white on his chest.

This is Pink Collar. She is currently the runt but only by .3 oz. She has a nice white blaze, white on her chin and a little white on one rear foot.  She is a little doll!

Purple collar female is going to the O’Brien family in NY! Her name is Hudson. The family has been waiting a long time for a Pierce Schnoodle baby! Walking, going to the beach and joining in the family activities will make this little girl very happy!

On Sunday June 10th Naomi gave birth to 7 beautiful babies!  2 girls and 5 boys.  All black with some white on chest, a little white paw or 2. Dad is Zachariah. Families are being notified.
All are doing great and growing already!


  1. Sandra Rebholz says:

    Just wondering how much you charge for a black, female Schnoodle.

    Thank you.


  2. Are all of these puppies sold?

  3. Chris Rothermel says:

    I have the same 2 questions listed above. Are the puppies spoken for once you know the mom is pregnant?

  4. Nancy jarosiewicz says:

    Where do u live I would like a female how much r they

  5. So excited to get our new baby!

  6. Jessica says:

    Do you have any puppies that are currently available for adoption?

  7. Do you have any available?

  8. Carolyn says:

    Is purple collar female spoken for?

  9. Renee Moore says:

    Is also like to know if you still have some available and how much you charge

  10. I am in interested in the tan collared male can you tell me more about him?

  11. Virginia says:

    We are interested in a male puppy. Do you currently have any available at this?

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