Naomi’s June 2018 Litter

Green collar: Going to the Pavlovsky home in  VA. As the only ‘baby’ in the house he will get all the attention. His name is Jack. One of his playmates is Theo, also a Pierce Mini Schnoodle. They will love that. With activities of boating, walking, visiting friends and family and entertaining this little guy will be a great pup and companion.

Dark Blue Collar: This is Cody going to become part of the Healey family in Rhode Island. Being retired this pup will be the center of attention. Getting to take winter trips to FL, visiting with others, family time and walking. He will have the life!

Light Blue Collar is becoming the newest member of the Stoddard family in NC. This is their 2nd mini Pierce Schnoodle. His name is Judah. With some children still at home and homeschooling this little pup will join right in on the activity. The family loves to camp, walk and travel so a new pup is just the right addition.

Red Collar: This cutie is going to the Mosley family in NJ. His name is Sullivan and will be called Sully. This is their 2nd mini Pierce Schnoodle. His big brother is Franklin (Sasha/Kasey litter 7/2015). Now that he knows the ropes he is ready for a little brother. Only thing better than 1 Pierce Schnoodle is 2! They provide awesome free entertainment. These 2 will be best buddies in no time!

Tan collar: going to the Huslage family in NC. As the only pet or kid in the house, he will get all the time he needs. Plan is to train as a therapy dog. His name is Abner. With walking, grandchildren visiting and family time, this little fella will love all that!

Pink Collar: This little girl is Zoey the new baby for the Northcutt family in NC. The family loves to camp and travel, she will enjoy the time and attention and hanging out with the family.

Purple Collar: This little girl is becoming the newest member of the O’Brien family in NY. Her name is Hudson! She will enjoy visiting the terrace and overlooking the city. With beach trips and family time she will be loved and enjoyed as the new pup in the house!

We had a family get together and the pups enjoyed all the time and attention. Our grand nieces love schnoodles!

On Sunday June 10th Naomi gave birth to 7 beautiful babies!  2 girls and 5 boys.  All black with some white on chest, a little white paw or 2. Dad is Zachariah. Families are being notified.
All are doing great and growing already!


  1. Sandra Rebholz says:

    Just wondering how much you charge for a black, female Schnoodle.

    Thank you.


  2. Are all of these puppies sold?

  3. Chris Rothermel says:

    I have the same 2 questions listed above. Are the puppies spoken for once you know the mom is pregnant?

  4. Nancy jarosiewicz says:

    Where do u live I would like a female how much r they

  5. So excited to get our new baby!

  6. Jessica says:

    Do you have any puppies that are currently available for adoption?

  7. Do you have any available?

  8. Carolyn says:

    Is purple collar female spoken for?

  9. Renee Moore says:

    Is also like to know if you still have some available and how much you charge

  10. I am in interested in the tan collared male can you tell me more about him?

  11. Virginia says:

    We are interested in a male puppy. Do you currently have any available at this?

  12. Kristina says:

    So you have any available?

  13. Hi,
    Do you have any pups left from this litter?

  14. Julie Keller says:

    Naomi’s with Zack are adorable. Will you be breeding her with Zack in the near future? I noticed she had litter with Zack in June 2018 but not sure who was sire in the November 2017 litter.

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