Jolie’s September 2018 Litter

Jolie had her babies with Meschach as proud papa!  He was so funny, during delivery he just laid across the room and listened and watched from afar. She had 3 little babies, 2 girls and 1 little boy.  We will be keeping the 2 little girls to keep our super coated line going.

The little boy is sold and is going to live in MA for a couple years then relocate to Australia.  How cool!  Renee has nicknamed him MJ for ‘Meschach Jr’!

Jolie is being retired. She is a smaller size and just a super girl! She is not a jumper and prefers to stay on the floor.  Loves to snuggle and be hugged and loved on.


  1. Are you looking to rehome Jolene because you will not be using her for breeding any longer?

  2. is the boy still available? If yes, what is the cost?

  3. Terri Kerns says:

    Is the boy available? If so how much is he. I am not interested in breeding him.

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