Penny’s September 2018 Litter

All of Penny’s pups have been adopted – Thanks!!!

Brown collar male, this little guy is just cute!! He is a beautiful chocolate apricot with a black stripe down his back. He is a real love! Such a sweet boy.

Light blue collar male, this guy is sweet and gentle. He was well behaved for this puppy prep and bath. Nice black coat, great pup.

Navy collar male, this pup is a beautiful black and apricot marked pup. He has a nice coat and is a sweet boy. Loves to play with his siblings but also be held like a baby!

Orange collar female, this little girl is black with a little white on chin and chest. She has a great soft fur coat. Is sweet and gentle. She loves to be held and play outside.

Green collar male, this beautiful chocolate/brown/apricot colored boy is very sweet. He loves to play and run but also held and get lots of loving!

Black collar male, this little guy is the runt of the litter and is black with a little white on chin and a few white hairs on chest. His coat is more schnauzer and will not tangle or mat and is easy to maintain. Being the runt and being small in a good size litter, Renee took him to the office several days when he was younger and gave him many little meals a day. He is already pre-spoiled! He was perfect at the office! No accidents. We had a little basket with the warmer in it and he would play and the jump in the little basket for his nap. He has a super personality!!

Pink collar female is going to the Mentz family in NY. Her name is Marlo. The family loves to go to parks in NY; trips south to the beach and family time. This little black and apricot female is just a doll puppy! She loves to run and play but also be held like a baby. She has a nice coat and is a sweet girl!

Yellow collar female, she is a beautiful Black and Tan. She is sweet and gentle. Loves to be held. Running and playing with siblings is a fun time too!!



Penny had 8 totally gorgeous puppies with Caesar as proud papa on Sunday Sept the 9th, 5 boys 3 girls all are doing great.


  1. Darren Pearce says:

    Will any of these puppies be available for adoption?

  2. How much is the yellow collar puppy?

  3. Ava Bellinger says:

    when are the puppies available?

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