Penny’s June 2019 Litter

SOLD – LIGHT BLUE COLLAR. Brindle color. Sweet, handsome boy!

SOLD – YELLOW COLLAR. Adopts to the Vanderwest family in SC. Puppy whose name is Hemi is a surprise to mom. She and the family will give him lots of love and attention. They enjoy swimming, sports and dogs! Hemi will enjoy all the love he will receive!

SOLD – ORANGE COLLAR. Adopts to the Howe family in NC. This cute fella who has personality plus is named Wallie. The family brought their other 2 pups, a Maltese and a Malti-Zhou. They were very well behaved and did not seem overly impressed with Wallie, but he will win them over after they adjust. The family likes to camp and hike and upon retirement they will get to spend more time with the pups! Everyone is excited for the new addition. 

SOLD – TAN COLLAR. Adopts to the Erway family from NY.  With a country home and land this cutie named Dudley will love to run and explore. Family visits, lake time, cuddling and reading fill the days.  Dudley will love it all!

SOLD – RED COLLAR. She has been selected by the CANTERBURY family of Alabama as their new puppy! Her name is Scout.

Leah and Penny’s pup at vet visit. After exams and shots it is time for lots of love. We love our vet Dr. Holly Weston and her team at Jordan Lake Animal Hospital.

Penny pups (boys) just so handsome! Beautiful coloring.


  1. Kathy Giglio says:

    My, you have been busy!!

  2. Can’t wait to see which little guy is coming home with us!!

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