Bianca (retired)

February 2018 – Bianca and Max

October 2017

August 2016

Bianca is heavy with babies for her last litter before retirement. She is doing great and always looking For extra food:) She will have her babies soon! Watch for updates. There are 7 families on her litter list waiting for babies. Her retirement home has already been determined and they too are waiting for Ms. Bianca. She is an excellent dog and mama!

bianca aug 2016

July 2015

Beautiful pictures of Bianca



About Bianca

Our little Bianca was born 7/9/09. She comes from a reputable breeder in Baton Rouge, LA. Bianca means “pure white” but we call her “Bonco Bonco” for short. She has a great pedigree with a champion line.

Bianca has an awesome personality. She is very loving and very attentive. She is a quiet dog, a non-barker, loves to play but prefers to snuggle. She is what I consider a perfect dog. If I could have 15 like her I would! She is very smart, she quickly house trained, and loves to be bathed and groomed. And she has awesome fur!