Bianca’s Summer 2014 Litter

The Galfund family in NJ will be getting this lucky girl. Her name is Charlotte Grace and is called Charlie. They are friends with the Rogers family so these sisters will get to spend time together – what fun! The family loves soccer, hikes, biking and being outside. This little girl will bring much love and joy to this family.

The Tsumas family of NC will be adding this pup named Vader to the family. (Star wars fans). They love to run, play soccer and baseball and spending time as a family. Vader will fit right in.

This handsome fella is the newest addition to the Evans family in NC. The family loves to play and walks. This guy will like that.

Here is the Scheithe Pup who will live in NC. Her name is Beatrice, but will be called Bea. With kids gone, this little one will get all the time and attention. Taking walks, movies and grandkids visiting – this doll with be the center of attention.

The pup was sold to Dexter family of NJ. Wow – 3 in this litter went to NJ. Sounds like a schnoodle party to me! The Dexter family has 2 boys and 2 cats. So a puppy was a great addition. Lots of sports and walks will take up the activity time with this little guy.

Meet Wisco Hoeve! The family moved from WI, thus Wisco for short. They are now residents of the tar heel state! This guy has all the markings of the perfect schnoodle. Great nose/face – just like his mom! The kids and a cockapoo will keep this guys attention. They enjoy soccer, hiking, biking and outdoor activities. They will love the NC winters!

This is the Moody pup who will live in GA. He has great markings on his face and is super cute! The Moody family loves trips to the mountains and beach. This guy will fit right in.

One of these little dolls will be going home with the Rogers family from NJ, her name is Bella Luna. Joining the family of 5 she will get a lot of attention. The family loves sports, swimming in the pool and with wildlife in the back yard, this little girl will have lots to keep her attention.

The other little girl named Sophie went home to the Collins family in MO. A coat is in short order upon arrival to new home! The Collins family is related to Daisy’s owners, the Morris’s. (Daisy is a giant Pierce Schnoodle). So now the family has a giant and a mini (too bad they live so far apart). All the more reason to visit more!

loving mush and puppy chow! Let’s eat then sleep in the bowl. Outside sunshine time. Moved to Delilah’s whelping box on the porch to more room to roam. All settled and happy!

Bianca had 9 beautiful babies with Tuxedo being the proud dad on August 6th.  5 boys, 4 girls.  All are doing great and Bianca is the best mom!  So calm and gentle. That carries over to the babies.  The pups are all white or black with white markings.


  1. Pam Greene says:

    Congrats on the new litter of babies! I thought I wanted to wait until Spohia’s next letter but seeing the babies is very tempting. I know for sure I want a male, looking more like a scruffy poodle mix, and with spots. Let me know if any are similar to that. I’ll send a deposit soon.

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