Penny Retires

Penny has had her final litter and her retirement home has been determined.  The Pierce Family in NC meet and fell in love with Penny.  When her pups all go home and she is spayed and prepared for retirement they will be given her the forever home of retirement. With a family of 4 she […]

Hannah is retiring

We headed north for Easter with family and took Ms. Hannah to her retirement home with the Quintana family in PA.  She is getting settled, enjoying time with her son, Milo.  He is 4 years old and weighs 100 lbs just like his mom! He is an awesome super sweet gentle handsome boy! His legs […]

Jolie has retired

Our beautiful Jolie has retired and is with her new family and being very spoiled! She is traveling and has lots of cushy beds and sweaters and coats.  Really living the retirement life with the Tablitz family in FL. We miss her but she is in a super home and so loved. With her 2 […]

Kasey is retiring

Kasey has retired to a NC home with a retired couple. The Smalley family.   What a life! He is an only pet, has a great big fenced yard, 100% of the attention and got to sleep in the bed the first night! Awesome home for Kasey!  Renee misses him terribly but knows he is being spoiled and […]

Sampson is retiring

Sampson our Standard Poodle is retiring. He is 5, will be 6 in March. He is a most amazing, awesome boy! He is totally handsome (see his page on the website), but he is totally trained, loves to run, play ball, go in the car. You can take him anywhere. He is very friendly and loves people and […]

Princess Retires

Princess goes home to her forever home with the Hager family in NC. They have 2 older mini schnauzers so now they have a set of triplets. Once adjusted, Princess will love all the time and attention. The name Pierce and Pierce Schnoodles is in common in the family – so she was the one they wanted! Princess is […]

Rikka has retired

Rikka goes to a new home for retirement fun and relaxing and being the ‘one and only’. That is what I always want for my retired mothers.  Her and the Parrish family bonded quickly and Rikka was ready to go for a ride.  First reports are great and Rikka is doing exceptional and sleeping with […]

Tassie Retiring

Tassie is sold to the Ruckart family in NC and will be adopting out soon.  She will be the new babe in the house and will totally adore all the time and attention she will get in retirement.

Lilly Retires

Lilly has retired to the North (IL) and is really loving it!  It has been cold and snowy but she has adjusted well to city life, is loved by her new family ‘the Kartun’s’ and Lilly is loved by all she meets! It was a happy/sad day and Lilly was not sure what was going […]

Chatham Retires

The Young family adopted Chatham!  They bonded right away and Chatham is looking forward to couch time and peace and quiet!