Jasper Zurich Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Sorry so late with the pics but we have had and uneasy end to 2018….but all is getting better….thank God the babies are all great….So here is my baby boys holiday pics!!!! Our boy is gonna be 12 yrs old on Jan 25th!!! OMG!!! i cant believe it!!! Thank […]

Jasper Zurich Update

Memorial Day from Jasper! Hi Renee.  Hope all is well.  Here’s Jaspers Memorial Day pic.  Lol.  My baby boy!

Jasper Zurich Update

Hello Renee…..its that time of year again!!!! Heres Jaspers Halloween Costume!!!!! He’s a cowboy….lol…..and his new Big Barker bed thats perfect for older doggies so their joints dont hurt!!!!! at almost $200, his joints better not feel anything….lol…..but nothing but the best for my baby….i cant believe he’s gonna be 11 in Jan….. OMG!!!! but […]

Jasper Zurich Update

Happy Valentines Day Renee to u and all ur fur babies <3 love Jasper and his mommy p.s. yes, Jasper does Snapchat….lol…

Jasper Zurich is a certified service dog!

OMG……i forgot to tell you, our jasper is now a certified emotional support dog!!! Our little service dog he is……how awesome is that……my baby boy <3 Love Jasper and Jeannie from NJ

Jasper Zurich 10th Birthday

OMG Renee….Jasper is 10 yrs old!!!!! OMG i cant believe it my baby is 10 today…….he had a big day going to Petco and Petsmart today and a fun car ride!!!! Here are some pics from his party….Have a great night…..we are…..lol….love my baby boy <3 from Jasper and his mommy, Jeannie and his daddy, […]

Jasper Zurich Update

Happy Holidays Renee to you and your family… May 2017 be filled with good health and abundance… Love Jasper and Jeannie in NJ

Jasper Zurich Father’s Day

Hello Renee! Heres Jasper and his daddy on fathers day….Jasper and I got Mike that shirt that says Best. Dog. Dad. Ever. hope your hubby had a great fathers day!

Jasper Zurich and the laundry basket

I don’t know if all Schnoodles are like this but Jasper LOVES when the clothes first come out of the dryer……look at my handsome baby boy…..LOL…..then of course this is him telling US is time for bed with his bone in mouth!

Jasper Zurich Valentine’s Day

Jasper & his family celebrating Valentine’s Day 2016.