Delilah’s Summer 2013 litter

A N N O U N C E M E N T :: Delilah had 8 beautiful giant schnoodle babies.  2 girls – 6 boys!

Here are the fabulous 4 hanging out with their mom Delilah.

delilah giant schnoodle puppies 1 delilah giant schnoodle puppies 2 delilah giant schnoodle puppies 3

A D O P T E D :: Please check our Facebook page for going home pictures.

We are keeping yellow collar have named him Jacob.

yellow collar 3 Jacob Sweeley.jpg (1)

Male giant schnoodle – this is (White Collar) He is is large, a bundle of love, docile and very sweet. As you can see he has a few white hairs on his chest – very handsome! He is sweet, docile and loves people!

black collar male 1 black collar male 2

Pink collar goes home with Moran family of FL. Her new name is Katie Hannah. With kids grown she is the new baby in the family. She will be able to spend most time with her family with their flex schedules. Katie was doing excellent with her training all week with Renee. Katie is an excellent example of a giant Pierce schnoodles!

katie hannah moran 2 katie hannah moran 3

Esther – purple collar adopts to the Gage family in NC. The boys are starting to love her already! The family loves to be outside, swim and sports and Esther will just join in the fun.

Esther adopts to Gage family (3) esther

This is Jonah, green collar. He went to his forever home with the Smith family in VA. It is their ‘new and first baby’. They enjoy all types of activities and trips to the local park and historic sites. Jonah will love the attention and activity.

jonah 1 jonah 2

Gus Shively, is our orange collar. He adopted in NC but moving to Maine on his trip ‘home’. The Shively family of 6 are moving to Maine to follow their calling. We wish them the best and blessings on there new adventure. All the kids are very excited about the pup and the move. They love family activities, hiking, camping, biking and swimming. They all participate in the ministry.

Gus Shively Orange Collar goes home

Blue collar is Henry and he has been adopted by the Walter family of IL and is headed home.


This is red collar boy.  He is being adopted by the Abt. family in Virginia. The 2 kids are very excited about their new puppy Ozzy.  The love outdoor activities, walks, swimming and inside legos, painting and reading.  Ozzy will love to join in no matter what the family is doing!

ozzy ozzy2

Bill with mama Delilah and Ozzie

P U P P Y   P I C S ::

Wow – we feel so good after our baths and blow dry and photo shoot!  New toys to play with too!  We love it!

Clean pups - new toys - oh boy yea.jpg (1)Clean pups - new toys - oh boy yea.jpg (2) Clean pups - new toys - oh boy yea.jpg

Momma Delilah feeding her new puppies…

P1070957 P1070959 P1070960 P1070961 P1070962

They are growing and to help Delilah we are already supplementing one time a day with mush.  They have decided they like it!

P1070959 P1070960 P1070961 P1070962 P1070957


  1. Laura Schneider says:

    Hello. I had sent an application. But have heard nothing back. I am in California, so don’t know if you can ship puppy via air.
    Please look over my application and let me know what you think.

    Thank you. (I am looking at 2 Giant Schnoodles this weekend in Northern California. They are 3 months old and I would really like a younger puppy if I am going to go the puppy route.

    Laura Schneider

    • I have not shipped any of my pups yet. It is a little scary and not too sure I could ship to CA. That is just too far. Wish you were closer! My pups are 12 weeks old. TksRenee

  2. Nancy Daly says:

    We are looking for a giant schnoodle – preferably male – black. Would love one with a little bit of white but all black is fine. Do you have any available?

    • Yes I have 2 boys available. Green collar and white collar. Green is a bit smaller and a little more active. White collar is larger and just a love! Let me know if you want to come see them! They are totally adorable! I am always amazed at them and how wonderful they are.

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