Delilah’s Winter 2014 Litter

Delilah had 7 black beauties on New Year’s Eve.  4 girls 3 boys! Apply today to adopt one of the giant schnoodle puppies!


The Brett family in AZ adopted this sweet boy, we named him Caleb. The family loves outdoor & family time. He’s going to be well loved for sure! (white collar)

The Morris family from NC welcomed Daisy as their new baby into their home.  They are looking forward to lots of play and cuddle time.  They enjoy traveling and going to the mountains; walks and playing outside. Daisy will lot the time and attention. (yellow collar)

The little female has been adopted by the Turner family in MD.  The Turner family are empty nesters wanting a new baby.  They love long walks and beach time.  They are planning on having this gal be a therapy dog and visit the elderly. I am sure she will do an excellent job with lots of love to give. . (black/white bone collar)

The Anderson family from IL will be getting a girl from this litter.  The Andersons flew in from IL to pick out one of Delilah’s pups.  They know ‘Henry’ in IL and just fell in love. They enjoy walking, hiking biking and boating.  I am sure this gal will love the activity and this family. (orange collar)

The Eagan family in VA will be getting a boy pup, they have named him Chief.  The sister is getting a mini-schnoodle from Bianca’s litter – so what schnoodle fun to be had!  The Eagan family has a 9 year old boy who is looking forward to a new friend and pal. They love family time, cookouts walks and visiting dad at the firehouse.  Maybe this pup will get to ride the fire truck one day..mmm, what fun!

This is now Zoey Barnes from VA.  No kids but a 10 year old poodle who will love to play with Zoey! The family loves to stay close to home, run, bike and outdoor activities.  Zoey will fit right in. (pink collar)

This is the last boy of Delilahs sold to the Pozo family in FL.  His name is Kodiak Sullivan but will be called Kody.  What a handsome fella! The Pozo family has a grown son and grandkids that will love this guy.  The family likes to walk and swim in the pool.  Hopefully Kody is allowed in the pool too! (blue collar)

Here are the beautiful little girls of the litter.

And, the handsome boys. Left to right:  Liam Nisler – Kody Pozo and Chief Eagan.

We bathed all 7 giant babies – what a job!  But such fun too!

Mush time! Yum!! Yes there is a plate of mush under there somewhere.

This is me (Renee) with Delilah and giant schnoodle puppies, clipping toe nails – lots of little toe nails!!

Pictures were taken outside on the porch. Their eyes are open and they are starting to move around. Super black and shiny and just gorgeous!

Happy New Year! Delilah decided to bring in the New Year with babies!!! She had 7 black beauties on New Year’s Eve.  4 girls 3 boys!  All are doing wonderfully.


  1. Where are you located? Are all the puppies still available? How much are the puppies?

  2. I am very interestede in one of these pups (male). Recently lost our wonderful ShiPoo and wanted to get a mini Schnoodle after we return from vacation Feb 20, 2014. which would be just about right to adopt one of these guys….my wife is sending in an application to you guys tonite. Let me know if ones available and what we would need to do.
    Thank you

  3. Just completed an application. Can’t wait to hear from you. Please respond ASAP. Would love to see updated pictures. Thank you.

  4. Chris Moran says:

    We picked up our giant “Katie Hannah” from you last fall. She was well prepared for family life and training. She is the star of her class and a favorite in the neighborhood.
    I have had many dogs, none better, sweeter or smarter. She is a great contribution to our household. We are considering a second Schnoodle in the future. My wife’s allergies do not react to her. She does not shed.

    Thank you for your great nurturing and preparation that makes Katie such a wonderful and loving pet.


  5. Kelly Viau says:

    I sent in an application and am so interested if any puppies are still available! I mentioned apricot but really do not have a preference. The black are so sweet too!!

  6. mary lou damiano says:

    I am interested in a giant schnoodle. I already own one. 106 lbs, 26″. Smart, great in obedience and agility. What are the health histories of your sire and dam? Thyroid, OFA hips, etc. I guess your stud has been bred, but isn’t he too young to be OFA certified? What are their blood lines–do you have a pedigree available for your dam and stud?

  7. Chris and shari says:

    Our -10 month old giant Katie Hanna gets better every day

    She is very smart,loving and very well behaved

    The best dog I ever had


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