Jolie’s Autumn 2014 Litter

This is the surprise puppy – they decided it was better to get before the Christmas rush but it was still a wonderful surprise for the kids. They named the puppy Hokie. The Purser family of NC know of 2 friends that own Pierce mini-schnoodles so they will have 3 at play time. The Purser family kids (2 boys/1 girl) will so enjoy this little guy. He is calm and sweet and was spoiled by Renee the few extra days prior to adoption since he was the only pup remaining. The Purser family enjoys family time and sports. This little guy will love the attention and becoming a member of the family.

The parti pup is named Scout! He is the newest member of the Thomson family of GA. 1 boy and 2 girls are very excited to be getting a pup! Outside playing, walks and parks will keep this guy happy with the family. Renee has this one spoiled – she finds him totally irresistible! He is just a little chunk of sweetness.

The Hawkins family of NC is looking forward to adding the black pup with colorings, they named him Otis, to their family. With no kids and no other pets this guy will be the center of attention. Whether walking, movies, camping or family gatherings, this guy will be part of the family. He has unique markings coming in as he is growing. He will be most handsome with black and colorings in his fur.

Great niece Maya, Maya, playing with baby pups. She loves the puppies!!

Jolie had her little wee ones – 3 boys on October 8th, 2014. She is being a great new mom. One parti and 2 black babies. The families are being notified.

So cute!


  1. Joy Fickett says:

    What beautiful puppies. Mom looks really proud. I hope it was an easy delivery.

  2. They are adorable!! Can i bring parti boy home?! Ok its too soon, i will wait. We will definetely be on the look out for another schnoodle from Renee soon!!

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