Sasha’s March 2017 Litter

Sasha (Kasey) had 6 babies on March 23rd.  3 Parti colored boys, 2 black/silver girls and 1 black/silver boy.


This is the largest of Sasha’s 3 parti boys. He is tagged as Purple collar. Just a great pup. Was a little shy but coming out of his shell. Running and playing and enjoying life!

Bamboo Yurick – Sasha’s middle parti boy – tagged as RED collar.  He has more white on his fur.  Very loving, sweet and gentle boy!

This is the little parti boy – runt of the litter. He is a little guy with a big heart and personality. He also has been a little shy but LOVES to be held and snuggle.

Onyx Eagle. This is one of Sasha’s little girls – tagged as PINK collar. She is very outgoing, super friendly, loves to run and play and investigate Everything! She is just a sweet baby girl!

This is Sasha’s little baby girl tagged as BROWN collar. She is small and just a true little love! She is just a doll, Loves to be held and loved on! What a sweetie!

Cooper Lane – This is the Black/Silver Boy. His name is Cooper and he is the newest addition to the Lane family in NC. The 2 young masters are very excited about their new puppy – it was love at first site. They have been to visit him. The family loves walking in the neighborhood, soccer, running and playing in the woods. Cooper will love the activity and fun! Cooper is Navy Blue Solid Collar.


  1. Leonard says:

    is Sasha’s baby girl still available?.

  2. Lisa Byrom says:

    How big will these cuties get? Are any available?

  3. Abby Williams says:

    Is Parti Boy still available and how much are your puppies?

  4. Debra Aupperle says:

    Interested in Shasha ,s litters …we will not be able to get a puppy until April 2018 but we cant wait ……interested in anything you have to say 🙂

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