Sampson is retiring

Sampson our Standard Poodle is retiring. He is 5, will be 6 in March. He is a most amazing, awesome boy! He is totally handsome (see his page on the website), but he is totally trained, loves to run, play ball, go in the car. You can take him anywhere. He is very friendly and loves people and being with his ‘own people’. He is a GREAT walker. He always leads our pack when we walk.

He would also enjoy jogging/running as well. He is trained, sits, stays, housebroken, loves lots of loving, petting and is a quiet soul. He has sired some awesome pups and totally love him, but just can’t keep them all!

I require a large fenced yard to run and play ball. He is good to stay home but we live in the country and have 18 acres. When he was younger being an intact male he did run the woods and country a few times, but now that he is older and knows he has the best of the best, he always stays home.

He has sired his last litter with Hannah. He is scheduled to be neutered the end of February and will also get a dental cleaning and anything else he needs to make sure he is ready for a retirement home. He has always been extremely healthy.

I want a very good home for him. He is one of my favorites and we have had him since he was a baby and it will be a tearful day for me when he leaves, but I know he would love 100% of the time and attention.

His price is $900 to help with the costs of getting him ready for his new home.

If you are interested, please email Renee directly @


  1. Do you ever have more standard poodles or giant schnauzers for adoption after they are done breeding?

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