Hannah’s January 2019 Litter


This is blue collar male going home with the Alston family from NC.
His name is Riley. He will be joining the family with an English Bulldog.  Kids are grown so this is the new baby. They like to camp, fish be outdoors and incorporate all activities with the dogs whenever possible. Riley will love all that.

Red Collar is named Dolly and will be going home to be the newest member of the Beavers family in NC. They know another Pierce Giant family so they will have play time together. With 2 kids who are over the top excited, room to roam in the yard and another doggie this pup will love her new life!

Orange Collar will be going to PA to live with the Sniezek family. Her name is Ellie, she will have a mini schnauzer to hang with and play time and lots of attention.

Pink Collar will be the new baby for the Kramer family in MA, her name is Cocoa. Having a farm with lots of acres she will totally love running the property, hanging with the grown kids and checking out the hay bales, trails and long walks.

Purple Collar the largest of the girls is named Shiloh and will be going home with the Scott family. They have just relocated to SC from NY and are looking forward to lots of new including this wonderful new giant. They love to be at home and hang out and go for long walks and visit the beach. She will love all that!

Hannah’s 2 of 4 girls

Hannah’s other 2 of 4 girls

Hannah’s Puppies

1/19/2019 Update

Hannah is pregnant with giant schnoodles by Moses!  Her due date was 1/17/2019. As of today (1/19/19)  she is in her box and in labor.  Pups will be here soon! Pups are available from this litter!  Apply today to get an awesome Hannah pup!

Hannah and Moses bred for giant schnoodles and the due date of the babies is February 18, 2019. Valentines babies! All pups will be black. Taking applications and deposits on this litter now.


  1. I have submitted an application for a black giant schnoodle pup – if we are approved, and you have pups available from this litter; please let me know and we will send you the deposit asap. Thank you!


  2. Mary Charles says:

    I would like to find a mini schnoodle female. Timeframe is early June. Prefer black, silver, salt and pepper or apricot. Not white. Call me 7083590748 love to talk.

  3. Crystal Stiedle says:

    I submitted an application and am interested in adopting a giant black schnoodle.

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