Naomi’s June 2019 Litter

Meet Esther! This is the female of Naomi & Isaac that we are keeping as a future schnoodle mom! She has awesome markings and is a beautiful girl!

Naomi had her mini schnauzer pups on Monday June 3rd. Barely got her settled in the helping box and she started delivering. They were a few days early but all great. The colorings and markings on these pups are the most beautiful we have seen in a long time! Just unbelievably gorgeous! Hard to tell from pics at this age.

We breed for a litter of pure mini schnauzer’s to keep the girls and keep our line going. Well, there is only 1 girl of the 6 so 5 of these beauties are available for adoption! As beautiful as they are we were hoping for many more girls. Make an application via the site using the mini-schnoodle application but title Schnauzer so we know.

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