September 2019 – Riding with mom after a groom.

October 2017 – Caesar was in the office with me and was helping me.

December 2016 – Caesar the little red boy!  Such a love! Also in his Santa coat.

November 2016 – Caesar is growing up! He is a great little pup! He is very happy to meet anyone, quite outgoing and super personality. Loves to be held and sleep like a baby in Renee’s arms. Just a love. Gets along with everyone and all doggies. He will make great mini Schnoodles one day soon!


This is our new baby boy, future mini stud for Pierce Schnoodles. This is Caesar!  He is an awesome red mini poodle. Super great personality and coat. We just got him yesterday after a long day on the plane.  He was ready to run around and snuggle and get out of the crate.

He is super smart.  After 1 day is responding to his name.  Slept all night, is doing great on Housetraining.

He is an awesome pup!

Watch him grow with us.