January 2015 – Delilah has retired. After a harrowing delivery of 5 pups, which sadly resulted in an emergency spay to save her life, we have retired Delilah. See full story here.

Delilah is a AKC registered, champion pedigree giant schnauzer.  She is solid black and at 3 years she weighs a solid 76 lbs. She is all muscle.  Very loving, calm and gentle  A real mama’s girl and wants to go anywhere with Renee.  She is always ready and stays by her side.

See Delilah’s giant schnoodle litters: Summer 2012, Summer 2013, Winter 2014, Winter 2015.

December 2014

Delilah got a groom for Valentine’s Day and we did a photo shoot.  We think Delilah is the most beautiful female schnauzer we have ever met!  For many of you who have met her you know her docile, gentle, loving nature.  That just makes her more attractive.  She produces excellent giant schnoodles with Sampson and we are very proud of our Delilah.

People that meet Delilah and her pups are just amazed at what gentle giants they truly are!