September 2019 – Penny goes to her new retirement family and home. She got right in the van on her new princess pillow and was ready to go. So happy to find an awesome home for her with the Pierce family.

July 2019 – Penny has had her final litter and her retirement home has been determined.  The Pierce Family in NC meet and fell in love with Penny.  When her pups all go home and she is spayed and prepared for retirement they will be given her the forever home of retirement. With a family of 4 she will get lots of love and snuggle time.  The family loves to walk, go to the movies and family and church time.  Penny will love it!

July 2019 – Current pics of Penny. Fresh groom and looking great after pups!  She is retiring. She will make a great pet and companion. 


Meet Penns Valley Sweeley – but we call her Penny!

She is a salt-pepper mini-schnauzer with a super personality. She loves to play and run, chase around the other dogs, but if you touch her she just melts into your arms and loves all the loving you can give her.

She was born on March 11, 2014 and is a Carolina pup with a Pennsylvania name.

She is a doll pup!  Watch her grow.  She will be a future schnoodle mom in 2015.