September 2018 – This is Naomi.  Sweet young lady, super mom to her babies and a wonderful girl!

August 2016

Naomi is pink (1)

When breeding you have to plan well in advance knowing the older mama’s will be retiring and new ones getting old enough to breed. We selected Sasha as one of the mama’s to carry her line on for Pierce Schnoodles. So we purchased a pure white AKC male stud mini schnauzer in 2013 to breed with Sasha (and then Bianca) and keep 2 of the girls in the litter. This helps us know the heritage and history of the pups and parents. Naomi & Leah are the 2 girls we kept from Sasha and Marshall’s litter. They will both be future Pierce Schnoodle mini-schnoodle mom’s! They look just like their mom too! They are both very loving, smart and are an exceptional pair of pups! Their fur is excellent and their disposition is great – they will make great mom’s and produce wonderful pups!