Remington Steele

This is my “baby” Remington Steele!  (at 22 lbs)  Renee, he’s got to be the sweetest dog I’ve ever had.  I just can’t thank you enough for allowing me to adopt him.  And he’s so smart!!  He “talks” a lot too – makes the funniest noises!  When he stands on his hind legs his front […]

Scout Thomson

Just a quick update to let you know how much we love having Scout as a part of our family. He is a true joy!! He is growing like a weed…almost 4.5 lbs now. He is a little ham and loves playing with the kids. They think it is super funny when he chases his […]

Sophia’s Winter 2014 Litter

This boy is going to the Scurria family from NC. His name is Tucker. They just love his unique patches of black and white. The family owns a Pierce Schnoodle Winnie that is 10.5 years old. The family loves to play outside, walks, biking and running. Tucker will enjoy the activity. This boy is going […]

Jolie’s Autumn 2014 Litter

This is the surprise puppy – they decided it was better to get before the Christmas rush but it was still a wonderful surprise for the kids. They named the puppy Hokie. The Purser family of NC know of 2 friends that own Pierce mini-schnoodles so they will have 3 at play time. The Purser […]

Sophia’s Spring mini parti schnoodles

The Reddish family lives in GA and the 3 kids (2 are twins) are very excited about their new puppy!  The family loves outdoor activities and outings and the neighborhood.  This pup will fit right in as part of the family. This is Toby Sigalos.  The Sigalos family from GA owned another Pierce Schnoodle that […]

Easter Festivities

Grand nieces having puppy play time over Easter holiday. They are so adorable!  The girls I mean:) Even Mom gets a pup to love!  Plenty to go around. Easter egg hunt – Jolie is right in the action helping the kids find the eggs.  She thought that was great fun!


Thank you for introducing us to the best puppy in the world! Sometimes we forget he is still a puppy because he is so well behaved. He has completed his puppy vet checks and will be getting fixed at the end of the month. You were right, he thrives on routine and will let us […]

Jasper Zurich Update

Here are Jasper’s St. Patty’s Day pictures, LOL – all ready for the parades that are coming up. I just saw that Jasper’s mom Lilly retired… I hope they keep in touch with you about how she’s doing and her new home. I see Nicki is doing well (Jasper’s daddy.) I give you a l […]

Meet Max

UPDATE: Max was adopted by the Chapman family. Max has found a new home in NC with the Chapman family. They are retired so Max is the new baby and will get lots of attention and some one to play ball with. They are very thrilled with Max! Renee misses him already. Max is a […]

Panda and Nouille Jacobs

Nouille is growing like a WEED!  She is the weirdest little dog we have ever seen (we love her weirdness, mind you)!  She looks very unlike her parents!  Long, lean features, taller than Panda, longer than Panda, and of course, all that tan on her!  The black she had has just about all grown out […]