Panda and Nouille Jacobs

Nouille is growing like a WEED!  She is the weirdest little dog we have ever seen (we love her weirdness, mind you)!  She looks very unlike her parents!  Long, lean features, taller than Panda, longer than Panda, and of course, all that tan on her!  The black she had has just about all grown out […]

The Fonz

Here are a few pics of him from his first few days, he is a cutie, even if it is hard to take pictures of him! Jenny

Sammy Elliott

Since we last saw you all we have moved to Huntsville, AL. We all have really enjoyed our new home. Sammy now has a big house to run around in, a fenced in back yard plus lots of sidewalks through the neighborhoods to take walks. He is one happy Schnoodle. He is the sweetest, most […]

Giant Schnoodles!

We have bred our awesome Giant Schnauzer Delilah and are expecting our FIRST litter of Giant Schnoodles in June! They are just like the small ones, but just in a big body. Very, very loving, so sweet and loving! Delilah gave birth to 9 giant schnoodle babies! On June 7th Delilah provided our first litter […]

Bianca’s super 10 puppies

Meet Kody! He’ll be joining the Hinshaw family in NC. Newly retired this little guy is the perfect match:) Calm, sweet and well adjusted he is going to love the one on one attention, time and love he will receive with his new family.  The family loves to walk, hike, fish and boat. So Kody […]

Bianca had ten puppies!

A new Pierce Schnoodle record! Bianca sets a new record for number of pups in a litter – 10! Yes, 10 new pups born on Monday the 12th. It was early in the am that she started delivery. Renee was attentive through most of the night but Bianca did a perfect job. At 8 she […]

Rikka had her puppies

A basket full of Easter Puppies! Rikka is a very attentive & loving mom. Two beautiful sisters. And, four handsome brothers. Rikka’s pups were born Sunday evening March 4th! She has 6 black beauties! 2 girls – 4 boys. There is some white markings on feet, chest etc. Hoping to see some chocolate/apricot colorings come […]

Panda’s Puppies Go Home

Nouille Jacobs Topaz

[update] Colbie

Happy New Year!! I just wanted to send you an update on Colbie. She is doing fantastic. She makes friends wherever she goes and has such a wonderful personality. She no  longer comes to work with me but since I am now part-time Colbie gets to schnooze at home while I am at work for […]