Sampson & Elijah go to the Beach!

Beach trip with Sampson and Elijah.  Fun time!

Sampson & Elijah go to the Beach!

Beach trip with Sampson and Elijah.  Fun time!

Toto Legge

We love our new pup!  We have changed his name to “Toto”.  He and Ike are getting along great!  They love to play together and their personalities are so alike! You were right about “Toto” not liking to go into his crate.  He slept about 2 hours the first night here, and about 4 hours […]

Elijah Waring

Elijah goes home with the Waring family of NC.  They have some country land for Elijah to roam and I am sure he will love the room to roam!  He will get alot of attention since he will be the only ‘kid’ at home.  They love to boat, fly, old cars and enjoy the grandkids.  […]

Lilly’s Puppies – So cute.

Available: . This guy is special among his lighter colored siblings and he thinks he is the best! He has personality plus, plus! Is a super sweetie! He is small – and will get to about 12 lbs fully grown. Has great fur. He is available! Always the first to come running to you!  Make […]

The Giants go to the vet

Lilly’s Pups growing and getting ready for adoption

Bubba Smith This is the largest male of Lilly’s babies.  So large the Smith family wants to name him Bubba.  They live in MA and the family of 4, 2 kids, boy and girl are so excited about getting a new pup. The family loves to spend time outdoors and together. So this chubby fella […]

Moose Lord

Moose decided last night that he was ready to be himself. We were getting ready for bed and he decided it was time to play. He has not played much at all since he has arrived but last night…let’s just say he was kicking up his heals!! Throwing the bone up in the air and […]

Delilah’s Giants Go Home

This is Moses.. He is sold to the Goldsmith family of NC and will be going home soon. Moses is an exceptional example of a Pierce Giant Schnoodle and Renee will miss him alot! He is gentle, sweet, smart and such a handsome little man. He will be spoiled and loved alot in his new […]

Min O’Neill

First, I need to tell you that we changed our puppy’s name to “Min.” I think you knew that we weren’t quite set on “Daisy,” and for the few weeks after we got her we thought about many different names. It was hard to come to consensus with four people involved in the naming! At […]