Our Mini Schnoodle Puppies

Leah’s May 2017 Litter

Sold! All puppies have been sold, thank you! Renee’s pick of the litter, her name is Christy and was adopted by the Darrah family, she is tagged as Red Hearts Collar. Lots of play time and walks with outside activities. She will love all that. This is Mookie Green Hearts Collar – Harris family. This is Benny Utt. He […]

Sasha’s March 2017 Litter

Sasha (Kasey) had 6 babies on March 23rd.  3 Parti colored boys, 2 black/silver girls and 1 black/silver boy. Sold! This is the largest of Sasha’s 3 parti boys. He is tagged as Purple collar. Just a great pup. Was a little shy but coming out of his shell. Running and playing and enjoying life! Bamboo […]

Princess’s February 2017 Litter

This is Parker Pramstaller, Princess male pup! He is so handsome. The Pramstaller family lives in VA and have been waiting until the time is right to get a puppy. His new young master is counting the days until he comes home. They love to be outside, swimming and biking and just being together. This little fella with fit […]

Penny’s February 2017 Litter

Announcing Penny’s litter!  Penny had 7 beautiful babies on Thursday Feb 16th. 6 girls and 1 little boy! They are all doing great and Penny is an excellent mom! Penny is due 2/13 just in time for Valentine’s puppies! She got a bath and groom preparing for her babies. She has a large tummy – we’ll see how many she […]

Jolie’s December 2016 Litter

The Landau family will be adopting the little boy (black with apricot markings AND A TAIL).  They split their time between NC and FL.  So this pup will get to travel in a motorhome but also be back home part of the year. The family camps regularly and this is the ‘baby’ so he will get all the attention. […]

Naomi’s November 2016 Litter

Lexi Gensler, red collar of Naomi’s litter. This is Naomi’s green collar that adopted to the Edey-Nowell family. Her name is Ginger. This is the Cottle family adopting Naomi’s white collar pup. They live in VA. They have named her Prim. One of Naomi’s babies – so worn out after the photo session! Gosh it tires me out […]

Phoebe’s November 2016 Litter

This little girl is going home with the Freeze family in NC. The family loves times with friends and family.  Neighborhood walks, parts and sight seeing.  This little one will tag right alone for the fun and adventure. This is the Weatherly pup, who are also in NC. The family will give all their attention […]

Abby’s November 2016 Litter

Maya Biscuit Steele. She was white collar. Ella Pelter. red collar pup – Female. Peaches Campbell – Abby’s Orange collar. Asher Holloway. He was orange collar of Abby’s pups. Newton Hansen. He is Abby’s blue collar boy. This is pink collar Abby’s pup, Nora Marzakis. Abby’s Yellow collar girl, Luna Cotter. Abby had 7 beautiful babies! Ok so […]

Sophia’s November 2016 Litter

This is the black pup of Sophia’s.  She has 4 white feet! Too cute.  He is the newest member of the DeLoach of NC, his name is Ashby. The family loves to walk, hike, go to the beach and relax at home.  This little girl will love all that attention. This is one of Sophia’s […]

Leah’s November 2016 Litter

This is the Mancine pup that will make her new home in SC, her name is Callie. The kids 3 girls and a boy will really love this little girl! They love to play in the yard, swim, read, craft and music. Sounds like a lot of fun for this little fur baby! This is […]