Abby’s November 2016 Litter

Maya Biscuit Steele. She was white collar. Ella Pelter. red collar pup – Female. Peaches Campbell – Abby’s Orange collar. Asher Holloway. He was orange collar of Abby’s pups. Newton Hansen. He is Abby’s blue collar boy. This is pink collar Abby’s pup, Nora Marzakis. Abby’s Yellow collar girl, Luna Cotter. Abby had 7 beautiful babies! Ok so […]

Sophia’s November 2016 Litter

This is the black pup of Sophia’s.  She has 4 white feet! Too cute.  He is the newest member of the DeLoach of NC, his name is Ashby. The family loves to walk, hike, go to the beach and relax at home.  This little girl will love all that attention. This is one of Sophia’s […]

Leah’s November 2016 Litter

This is the Mancine pup that will make her new home in SC, her name is Callie. The kids 3 girls and a boy will really love this little girl! They love to play in the yard, swim, read, craft and music. Sounds like a lot of fun for this little fur baby! This is […]

Dakota adopted to the Correa family

Dakota adopted to the Correa family. They visited and just totally fell in love with Dakota. He has adjusted well and is just totally thrilled with his new family, lots of love and attention.

Sasha’s August 2016 Litter

Sasha had her babies on Saturday August 20th. What a colorful litter! Black and whites/black and silver/black and apricot. Great white blazes and chest. And cute little feet! 3 boys/3 girls. They are all sold and families are being notified.

Bianca’s August 2016 Litter

Bianca had her babies on Sunday August 14th. She had 3 beautiful little boys. They have all been sold – thank you! This is her final litter of babies prior to retiring. She had 3 beautiful baby boys! 2 apricots and 1 white. These pups are sold and families are being notified.

Jolie’s May 2016 Litter

Harper Whorley adopting – he is a new member of the Whorley family.  Art and craft shows, parks, walking and TV are great past times the family will enjoy with their new pup.   Skilled in creating watercolors of pets, I expect Harper will be the center of a piece quickly. To enjoy the art please […]

Naomi’s May 2016 Litter

This is the Tysinger-Furhmann pup named Charley.  His forever home is in NC. He is so handsome! They have a family that has lots of doggies, now they have their own. They like to walk, hike, run, moving and family friend time. Charlie will love all that . Mhysha Shiben is going home to SC […]

Leah’s April 2016 Litter

This is Abigail (Abbie) Ward.  She will be making her forever home all the way to CO with the Ward family.  They are traveling to come get her as vacation.  She will be used  to traveling by the time she gets home. The family has other animals on the ranch (horses, cows, chickens, dogs and […]

Penny’s February 2016 Litter

Jedi Embrey – my pick of the litter. This little guy will be the newest member of the Embrey family in Virginia. The 2 kids (boy and girl) are looking forward to the new addition and play time with the family. Remy Boos. Chocolate, white feet, blaze on chest  little boy – he appears to […]